the idea for the prospektmag has been stored in our drawer for quite a while, but it became the 3rd of november 2019 that something must have been more urgent or pressing than the months before, so that we launched the instagram page. we had the name and we knew what it means: prospekt refers to a russian multi-lane avenue and secondly, the name for a catalogue of text and images, usually written in a very understandable and easy-to-digest manner. all we were left with was the need for a logo to finally establish our visual identity.


the design of the logo - the invention of a theme - is at the same time joyful but easily distractive. we needed clarity, simple colours and shapes. having the logo, we wrote down all terms that came to our mind following the keywords of architecture and urbanism - a sort of brainstorming. once this pool of vocabulary was on the paper, we sorted out what interests us and what not - the latter was not much.


our main idea: elaborating on urban developments and discourses happening in the east. east means everything eastern from us in berlin. east however very quickly became a term not only geographically but concerning architectural styles, urban patterns, shapes, colours and forms but similarly cultures, trends or developments effecting and affecting the everyday life of the people. it's fine to work with a loose agenda in the beginning. you don't have to know everything - or do you? as a coincidence, we were about to change place and move to milan, not the most eastern place despite our interests. so where does the east stop? 


so whatever is architecture shapes and influences the everyday life of the many. sometimes that's a parfume, sometimes that's a building. we developed a desire to work out aesthetics, imaginations. once in a while, we would produce a journal, compiling one idea of such imaginations. in the meantime, we keep on posting and informing. as neither one of us was an expert in the beginning, the journal shall be about learning together with the people that share our interest.