we cannot offer employment. in this stage of work, we have a limited budget. however, if you are interested in getting involved, please let us know. it is not relevant for us from which discipline you are coming as long as you share our interest for the east.

for now, we try to use images from public sources such as wikimedia, unsplash or other platforms. if you are a photographer and we used your picture, please let us know and we can either credit you (when this infomation should be missing) or delete the picture. in any case, we know this is not acceptable and apologize.

if you are interested in submitting an image, an architectural description or a piece of writing for us to post on our instagram, we warmly encourage you to do so. we have many capacities to publish on our social media outlets. you will be credited for that.

at the bottom of the page you can find a donation button. a donation is not ultimately necessary - we will always simply work with the money we have. however, if you want to donate and support our idea, we are very happy. all donated money will be reinvested in original content, such as journeys, working with other magazines or photographers, etc.